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Classic books I’ve read

There’s thing that’s been going round Facebook where allegedly the BBC has found in a study that most people would have only read five books of the below list. No one, however, posted a link to the original BBC study or article and I’m far too lazy too Google it. I was going to be […]

I am Sulz!

Which Forum Volunteer Are You? You are sulz! Don’t know much, but you make up for your lack of knowledge with your friendliness and niceness around the forums. Take this quiz It all began two three days ago when, after having used Diurnal for a long time, I decided a change was needed and […]

How fast do you type?

You type 251 characters per minute. You have 43 correct words and you have 3 wrong words. The result kinda surprised me. I did expect to score better than that, but I do know that my typing isn’t that great, especially as I tend to look at the keys very much. I decided to also […]

November ’07 digest Part 1

Just incase you have missed it, this is what I’ve been blogging about in the first two weeks in November: In Gaming: Assassin’s Creed finally [?] out this week The wait is over and the game is finally out. Mass Effect Launch trailer The Mass Effect launch trailer is out and makes me want to […]

Blog Community Writing Project Update 1

Just a little reminder, the Community writing project is underway and you have until this weekend to submit your entries. You can write about either or both of the following questions: Why do I blog? or Has blogging change you? You have to make sure you link back to this blog, create a pingback or […]

Blog community writing project.

This is inspired by Sha’s suggestion over on Matt’s blog who hasn’t blogged in quite a while: I’ve got an idea…get everyone to do a blog post on why Matt should blog and get him to read it? Whilst that is a brilliant idea I doubt it will work, as he’s still way too lazy, […]


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