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The negligee wearing realtor

Jessica Alba has discovered a new career for herself. I suppose it’s a great way to earn some income if her career fails one day. Meet her as the ‘negligee wearing realtor’ and see just how she tries to sell this island. Featuring Jessica Alba and King Kong. Cat


Remember Armageddon? Yes, the film that spawned the great Aerosmith song ‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’. Here’s a new take on it, featuring N’Sync and Lisa Kudrow: Cat

What happens when you mix ‘Sex and the CIty’ and ‘The Matrix’?

Surely the two can’t work together as they are so different? Well, think again, it works! Featuring Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw), Jimmy Fallon (Neo) and Vince Vaughn (“White Rabbit”). Enjoy: Cat

Lisa Kudrow, the Jedi Council and the Six degrees of Seperation

And another video from the MTV Movie Awards. I really am getting obsessed with it now. This one is from the 1999 MTV music awards and the video is about Lisa Kudrow being interviewed by the Jedi Council to see if she is worthy of hosting the MTV Movie Awards. The conversation sidetracks onto the […]

The Lord of the Piercing

I can’t believe I missed out on this to be honest. This is part of the 2002 MTV Movie Awards [just like the Spiderman spoof] and is a spoof on the Council of Elrond scene in the first film and book. Well worth watching. Cat

Spiderman spoof

This video is part of the 2002 MTV Movie Awards and spoofs Spiderman 1, mainly how Peter Parker changed into Spiderman. It features Jack Black as Spidey and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Mary Jane Watson and Wonder Woman. Just perfect for the release of Spiderman 3…. Cat


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