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Need more soundtracks. Need them now!

Having just started a “normal” 9-5 job again I have discovered I’m in need of more orchestral soundtracks from either films or games. Whilst my iPod has over 70GB of music, a large part of it is unsuitable as it’s with lyrics which distracts me too much or, worse, could lead me to sing along. […]

Links I’ve been meaning to blog about for too long [Part 2]

Just like my previous post I’ve again reached the point where my Firefox is slowing down due to the high number of open tabs with things I’ve been meaning to blog about in ages! Most of these are gaming related this time. In no particular order: iPhone Sleep Cycle: my nights with a strange bedfellow […]

Video Game soundtracks

JPLS’ post on his favourite game music got me thinking on what my favourite gaming soundtracks are and why. Game music is an integral part of the game playing experience so it’s hardly surprising that most of the game music I own is from my favourite games and it’s also probably not very susprising that […]

Say hello to an old friend – the Killerspiele discussion is back!

Those who know me know that I like to play video games. I like a variety of games, as the list of my favourite Xbox games shows, as well as many 360 games, such as Dead Rising, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Rainbow 6 Vegas and other games more commonly referred to as ‘kiddie games’. I have […]

Fable 2

I was happy that the internet wasn’t as aggressive when Fable came out, there weren’t the constant videos or images or weekly updates or if they were there they most definitely passed me by. It was good in a way as that means less hype was build up. I’ve tried my hardest to ignore most […]

All about games..

As my internet wasn’t working properly in the last week, I’ve had a bit more time gaming which coincided perfectly with some new games I’ve been getting and others I’ve completed. Assassin’s Creed: As I mentioned in my ‘first impressions’ post I wasn’t too impressed with Assassin’s Creed. My opinion didn’t much change throughout playing […]

Shivering Isles update

I still haven’t bought Shivering Isles, mainly as I didn’t have any MS points and as I was a bit put off with the issues there apparently were. Well, there is an update coming out next week and I’m thinking I should really get it now. I should have the points later on today and […]

Oblivion Walkthrough

Seems that there are quite a few people that search for various Oblivion related help, yet no one clicked the link to the site I posted before. So, if you can’t find the Wines in the ‘Venerable Vintage‘, don’t know where the ‘Lonely Wanderer‘ wanders along, have no idea what ‘Hist sap‘ is or which […]

Oblivion – Fighters Guild quests

So I’ve been playing quite a bit of Oblivion lately. I do not have the Shivering Isles content yet, but I’ve been working towards completing the rest of the game 100% with the exception of the ‘Thieves Guild’ missions of course. I have finally completed the Fighters Guild quests and am now the leader of […]

Oblivion – I am NOT impressed

So I’ve been playing Oblivion most of the night. It is now 6 am and I just completed the ‘Knights of the Nine’ content which I have to say was excellent, although the last fight rather disappointing in comparison to the rest of the missions. But nevertheless it was a spectacular ending, intriguing puzzles and […]

Oblivion – Shivering Isles expansion

The Oblivion expansion ‘Shivering Isles’ is finally out and it might finally give me a reason to start gaming again. It’s been over a month that I was properly gaming last. It’s like I’ve lost the will to play games. But Oblivion might just bring me back to it. I haven’t played it since I […]

Anything new? Not really.

Things have been a bit quiet in my blog lately. I’ve been busy helping my friend pass her English exams which is fairly difficult to do over msn. Several forums I frequent seem to have an increase in posters (and sometimes even good topics), it must be all the people coming back after Christmas and […]

2006 – My year in Review

And what an interesting year it’s been. These are a few things that I have been up to or that have changed this year, in no particular order: In July Andrew, Ian, Suki and I moved house. Ian bought his parents semi-detached house which technically is only around the corner from our old house, but […]


Everyone constantly asks me which games I’ll get, so this is a list of games I’ll get til the end of the year: Rainbow Six Vegas. I’ll aim to get this on release (24.11. or 1.12.) and can’t wait to get into it. I loved the previous R6 titles (bar Lockdown) and the demo for […]

Oblivion video

Looking round at YouTube I came accross this video. It’s well edited and has a few nice conversation bits. Whoever hasn’t played Oblivion should really give it a go. :D Cat


Finally got this game again today. I’m a bit lost as to which mision I’ve done last and have just spent the last hour or so running around in an Oblivion world trying to find the way to close the gate. But all in all it is great playing it again. It’s just such a […]

Splinter Cell Double Agent

Ever since the first Splinter Cell I’ve been hooked to the series, but never really bothered too much about the single player. Multiplayer has always been the main reason I played the games. Splinter Cell Double Agent is different. Not only is the single player divers and brings new elements with the trust system, but […]

You like?

Welcome! In case you haven’t noticed yet, there are a few things I’ve changed on my blog, after I realised that my previous theme doesn’t support sidebar widgets and was a bit too basic. I’ll see how I get along with this one. Feedback? Andrew has now started playing Oblivion and is asking me for […]


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