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The Hobbit

I’m currently listening to ‘The Hobbit’ written by J. R. R. Tolkien and read by Rob Inglis. It’s this version. Over the years I’ve always insisted that I don’t like audiobooks much and have only ever listened to a few which includes Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter, several Patricia Cornwell ones, Stephen Hawking, and the […]

Patricia Cornwell – Her other work

In two previous posts I have written about Kay Scarpetta and the ‘Jack the Ripper’ case. Patricia Cornwell wrote some more books: The Andy Brazil series: * Hornet’s Nest (1997; Andy Brazil) * Southern Cross (1999; Andy Brazil) * Isle of Dogs (2001; Andy Brazil) The At Risk collection: * At Risk (2006, originally a […]

Patricia Cornwell – The search for ‘Jack the Ripper’

Whilst Patricia Cornwell is mainly known for creating the Kay Scarpetta series, she also ventured into non fiction. As for eample her book about the search for ‘Jack the Ripper’. To anyone not familiar with the term, ‘Jack the Ripper’, it is a pseudonym given to a serial killer who commited several killings in London […]

Patricia Cornwell – Looking at Kay Scarpetta

Patricia Cornwell is undoubtedly one of my favourite if not my favourite author. She is the creator of Kay Scarpetta a forensic investigator who solves a variety of connected crimes using forensics which apparently influenced the TV series CSI to a great deal. In addition she also wrote several non fiction books and a book […]


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