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19 days later

It has been 19 days since I’ve had the first symptoms of my illness which I’ve had diagnosed as bronchitis with whooping cough (pertussis) last week. The symptoms initially started with a cough on a Thursday and by Saturday I was very ill with what I thought was just a strong cold. The week following […]

2012 in review

2012 was a curious year for me with a lot happening. After glorious #funemployment lasting six months I got a new job that I am still enjoying ten months later. Whilst it is the best job I have had my whole life, which is in a large part due to the relaxed working hours, I […]

Shine London 2012

Last year I had this crazy idea of signing up for a half marathon walk in aid of Cancer Research. I talked about it here and here. And then I didn’t talk about it any more.. First things first: I had a phenomenal number of donations totaling £313 [including gift aid] from these lovely people: […]

[Probably] great holiday [definitely] wrong time

I’ve decided to come home from Pisa two days early and spent far too much money on a flight for tomorrow night. There are several reasons for it [in no particular order]: I didn’t do any of the things I had planned to do. I hadn’t been looking forward to it. Whether that’s because I […]

“It is *because* I love you that I don’t let you do whatever you want.”

Had a conversation with a friend about children earlier which somehow brought back a memory from my childhood. During my second year of primary school – I would have been around seven or eight years old – my mum decided she could no longer stand having to nag me every single morning to get out […]

“The Body”

Saying I recognise myself in an episode of a TV show always makes me feel like I’m going to crazy, but actually feeling that an episode has helped coping with things sounds even crazier. Buffy’s ‘The Body‘ aired in 2001; about 21 months after my mum died after battling cancer for over three years. The […]

Olympic torch!

Went to see the Olympic torch through Reading this week as a colleague was taking part in it and because it is a chance in a lifetime. I think it was probably my parents trying to shield me disappointment early on in life, but I was brought up for the most part with the mantra […]

RIP Andy Griffith

When I was just a little girl I used to love watching TV with my mum in the afternoons. Shows like ‘Murder, She Wrote‘, ‘MacGyver‘, ‘Diagnosis: Murder‘ and, one of my mum’s favourites, ‘Matlock‘. I remember quite a lot of the things from that time, such as having first explained the concept of standard intro […]


About a month and a half ago I was going to sit down and write a blogpost about my life, for once, working out well. Something along the lines of my continued negativity with regards to illnesses, personal setbacks and so on. I ended up being too busy [in a good way] to do so. […]

Lactose intolerance

Some of my favourite foods have always been dairy ones. If it was possible to survive just on yoghurt, I probably would do it. Whilst drinking milk and eating cheese. It pains me to think that I might be lactose intolerant. Last night I had another round of backpain and nausea which is just like […]


I have never managed to budget money. Once or twice I have attempted to set up a system, but always felt that I didn’t really know how to put it in place or make it fit me. Over the past month I have asked a handful of people on how they budget and it turns […]

Blogpost procrastination

I got on track with my level of organisation and then it slipped again. I’ve noticed that particularly the past three weeks I’ve been playing catch up every day. I can’t find things I know I’ve bought and many of the systems I’ve put in place seem to not be working any more. One reason […]

To course or not to course

Whilst the reason I first moved back to the UK in 2003 was to do a one year humanities Access to Higher Education course, I never really considered studying. Sure, I had some ideas and for a while played around with maybe doing a languages degree or something like international studies yet I knew that […]

Writing blogposts and taking pictures

At the beginning of the year I had this idea of writing a blogpost every day this year. I didn’t mention this publicly or make a big deal out of it as I was doing it to see if I could challenge myself without having too much pressure from others. After all, my previous three […]

Sleeping and other issues

The last couple of weeks have been a bit weird. First I suffered with headaches thanks to my finally resolved glasses situation with Boots Opticians and now I’m trying to function after only getting eight hours sleep in total since Saturday morning. Whilst my insomnia or very occasional somnolence have been with me for years, […]

365 days since ‘The Event’ – #burglary

It has now been two years since I was burgled. Whilst I have mostly gotten over that and the anger that came with it now, it’s still an event that has ruled most of the past 12 months of my life. This showed in the form of nightmares and the unusual desire not wanting to […]

One of those moments

Had a conversation today about deaths in families with others that had lost a parent when they were younger. Conversation was the same as always – everyone seems to be affected hugely, even a decade later, whereas I don’t seem to apart from some moments. Fast forward 12 hours and whilst reading a totally random […]

Sleeping issues

I’m used to not sleeping well and have had various sleeping problems since I was 15. I also participated in a sleep study which showed that I generally need less sleep than most people and four hours a night can be enough for me. I have various sleeping issues: Inability to fall asleep Inability to […]


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