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#TwitLight: Who are you, @fbstj?

TwitLight is a Twitter Spotlight posted at random when I have time and submissions. Take a look at all the previous TwitLights and you are more than welcome to take part, too! @fbstj and me go way back. I mean in internet times I think it’s about four lifetimes at least! I first met him […]

What did you do today, Cat?

Today has been a long day. Due to having slept much on Sunday and Monday I woke up at 4am this morning and have been busy ever since. So what did I do today? Laundry. In the middle of the night! I’ve finally registered with a GP. This will make someone very happy! I’ve bought […]

Twitter: PS3F members edition

Once upon a long time I’ve made it my mission to convert everyone I knew in real life and on the internet to using Twitter and I was more or less successful. Less successful in the case of the members and only a handful of them used Twitter, but in the last couple of […]


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