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Game Over Month 2010

This month I’m taking part in the Married Gamers Game Over Month or GOM for short. Started in 2009, Game Over Month offers gamers that chance to catch up on games that fell through the cracks or got lost in a sea of newer game releases. Games can be on virtually any platform including retro […]

November ‘07 digest Part 2

Just incase you have missed it, this is what I’ve been blogging about in the last two weeks in November: In Gaming: Mass Effect – Thoughts after the first completion People always seem to deal in extremes, best and worst. Mass Effect – First impressions Mass Effect is a game I’ve been wanting to play […]

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is in the making!

The news that made my day: Ubisoft are currently developing a sequel to the very successful game ‘Rainbow Six Vegas which was released last year. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 which is set to feature a lot of new elements and due to come out in March 2008. That is about four months away so practically […]

Shivering Isles update

I still haven’t bought Shivering Isles, mainly as I didn’t have any MS points and as I was a bit put off with the issues there apparently were. Well, there is an update coming out next week and I’m thinking I should really get it now. I should have the points later on today and […]

Oblivion – I am NOT impressed

So I’ve been playing Oblivion most of the night. It is now 6 am and I just completed the ‘Knights of the Nine’ content which I have to say was excellent, although the last fight rather disappointing in comparison to the rest of the missions. But nevertheless it was a spectacular ending, intriguing puzzles and […]

Anything new? Not really.

Things have been a bit quiet in my blog lately. I’ve been busy helping my friend pass her English exams which is fairly difficult to do over msn. Several forums I frequent seem to have an increase in posters (and sometimes even good topics), it must be all the people coming back after Christmas and […]

2006 – My year in Review

And what an interesting year it’s been. These are a few things that I have been up to or that have changed this year, in no particular order: In July Andrew, Ian, Suki and I moved house. Ian bought his parents semi-detached house which technically is only around the corner from our old house, but […]

The internet is slow….

Some of you may know of my internet problems. After all I’ve not just mentioned it once, but twice before. Well, it’s not as simple as it seemed to be.The reason my internet was so slow was because our connection was capped as we had exceeded the monthly peak time download allowance which is 20GB. […]

Rainbow Six Vegas demo Part 2

After properly playing the Rainbow Six demo I’ve slightly changed my opinion since the weekend. I am absolutely loving this demo now. I’ve just been playing it for the last maybe 4 hours and I’m really loving it. Terrorist mode is just so unpredictable, as enemies can be anywhere. Change the difficulty to realistic and […]

Rainbow Six Vegas demo

Just incase you didn’t know the Rainbow Six Vegas demo is on the marketplace now. It took me forever to download, as my internet is still being capped. :( First impression, the character customisation is amazing and I think it’ll be great in the full game, especially as the full game will have the vision […]


Everyone constantly asks me which games I’ll get, so this is a list of games I’ll get til the end of the year: Rainbow Six Vegas. I’ll aim to get this on release (24.11. or 1.12.) and can’t wait to get into it. I loved the previous R6 titles (bar Lockdown) and the demo for […]

Splinter Cell Double Agent

Ever since the first Splinter Cell I’ve been hooked to the series, but never really bothered too much about the single player. Multiplayer has always been the main reason I played the games. Splinter Cell Double Agent is different. Not only is the single player divers and brings new elements with the trust system, but […]

Games, games, games….

I know that there’s no such thing as too many good games, but does anyone else have the opinion that there are way too many coming out at the moment? I mean, I’m not really complaining, but there are 4 games coming out this month that I’m definitely buying, compared to all the months before […]


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