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Cat(s) rule(s)

In my continued efforts at procrastination instead of sorting pictures [yes, I know that post is from April and I haven’t done much since then, shush!] I’ve decided to tackle the much smaller amount of documents, letters, pdf’s and random notepad notes instead. Only a few hundred uncategorised ones there! Among random started blogposts, some […]


It was a beautiful day; I was walking along the rather idyllic lake on the Reading University campus with two of my friend’s kids when the unthinkable happened: Chased by approximately 80 ducks and geese at the Reading Uni lake! [They didn’t all fit the picture!] # Yes, of course they didn’t actually harm me […]

Some spam mail

In the past months I’ve noticed Gmail’s spam folder containing several real emails so I’ve made it a habit to check it every other day. At the moment I get about ~200 spam mails a day across twelve different accounts and some are just hilarious. Curiously there is quite a lot of them that don’t […]

Princess makes us a tempting offer!

Vishenka and Veronika were already interested and now Princess comes along, too! Dear friend, It can be so that you do not know me but i will introduce myself. I am … I think … i will keep my name in secret. Let it be Princess. I am a small Princess. I am from Russia. […]

Another tempting offer..

So where is this ominous Internet Dating Agency that keeps sharing my email address with desperate Russian women? And I thought Hola was Spanish, what is hello in Russian? Hola my friend!!! This message sent to you from Russian Internet dating agency ^^Land of Love^^. This is not spam or other bad things. So, please, […]

A tempting offer..

Sometimes spam mail doesn’t get filtered properly and ends up in my inbox. Sometimes the emails are hilarious: Greetings from Russian Federation. I am a girl of 28 years. My name is Natalia. My hometown is Vishenka. Its 30 km from St. Pitersburg I would like to find a freind from the USA. I got […]

A dead Mayor is re-elected..

It may be quieter than coin tapping, but waving a banknote under the gaze of the bartender is destined to have the opposite effect on weary bar staff. Just listen to Ms Barua: “People try to wave notes at you across the bar and that’s not the way to get served, folks. If money is […]

It’s not the amount that matters..

This woman is a thief; she stole from her employer [Kaiser supermarkets/German] and her job of 30 years was terminated without notice. Yes, she only stole 1.30Euros. That’s about £1.16 or $1.65 or 2.55AUD or 161Yen. Although that isn’t quite right either for she didn’t actually just take the money out of the till but […]

A random story on Xbox Live, ft. Cat and Matt. [Pacman!]

Now everyone who knows me knows that I am quite crazy on occasion. So this is what happens when Matt and I send random messages on Xbox Live over a few days whilst playing other games: Cat: BOO :P Matt: Haha, you didn’t scaare mee! Oh, shit, what just moved in the other room??! Cat: […]

Everyone turning into stalkers?

Came across this during my more random internet travels. I use Google a lot. And I have used it to lookup people, find phonenumbers, addresses and such like. Google anyones name and you can see heaps of information on them unless they’re blessed [cursed?] with a common name. Is this the future? Everyone turning into […]


I really can’t stand Internet Explorer, so I’m all for Firefox. It’s got the extension, add ons and themes that I want and is just perfect for me. There is an extensive campaign out on the internet of Firefox friends that want to convince everyone to stop using Internet Explorer and switch to Firefox instead. […]

The impossible battle against cancer

This is one of the most depressing things I have seen in a long time. It is a series of pictures by photographer Renée C. Byer that won this years Pulitzer Prize. If you are unfamiliar with the Pulitzer Prize, it is an American national award for all things print journalism, literary achievements and musical […]

Swimming elephants

I came accross this today, these are photos of an upcoming book, entitled ‘Elephants’, by the artist Steve Bloom. Very beautiful. Cat


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