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Where have all the gaming posts gone?

Amongst several others there’s a draft sitting in my, well, drafts, lamenting on how I jump from interest or hobby to another to come back to it at a later time thus effectively proving my nomadic nature. In that post I mention gaming, but seeing I can’t find any inspiration to finish it I thought […]

Video Game soundtracks

JPLS’ post on his favourite game music got me thinking on what my favourite gaming soundtracks are and why. Game music is an integral part of the game playing experience so it’s hardly surprising that most of the game music I own is from my favourite games and it’s also probably not very susprising that […]

Blog Banter: This is gaming!

Yep, it’s that time of the month again, it’s Blog Banter time! Does anyone else think we need a Blog Banter jingle?! Blog Banter is a group of bloggers passionate about anything and everything video games. We enjoy getting together once a month to write about the same subject. You will be amazed at the […]

Have too much money?

I love GTA games and can’t wait for GTA IV to come out. Nothing has been revealed about the game yet, apart from that it will feature ‘episodic content’ on every of the platforms it will be released on. Estimated shipping date is the end of this year. GTA fans all over the world have […]


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