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What I learned from spending a day in the pub.

In an effort to actually get lots of work done and minimise any procrastinating, I decided to spend the day at a pub drinking [mostly] non alcoholic drinks, listening to music and finally finish some pieces I had been writing on for a while. I managed to complete all that and even more and this […]

Twitter revisited

It’s been a while since I posted about Twitter and it’s about time convincing some folks to sign up and use it again. In the last months I’ve used Twitter a lot, sometimes and not at all, mainly due to the applications which all had some issues. Twitbin was the best, but, being a Firefox […]

How to display your Twitter status on your blog.

It all started in the support forum in a thread that had been going for months in which people were asking for wordpress to support one of the shiny Twitter status badges. However all the Twitter badges require flash which could pose a security risk and I agree with Automattic’s stance that they rather […]

I hate advertisements

Yes, most of you will probably agree with me, advertisement on the internet is very annoying and sometimes causes long delays when loading pages. I have the Adblock Plus Firefox extension which takes care of most ads on webpages, but lately I have noticed that there are more and more feeds (subscribed using the Sage […]


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