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O Christmas Tree… 🎄

I love a good Christmas tree and even though there isn’t one here, there’s a surprising amount of decoration shaped like a Christmas tree around the flat. There’s probably more in other places, too. Also, as a sidenote: did you … Continue reading

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As part of @satscenes self portrait week I took the above picture yesterday. I originally bought the wig to wear it at the three Race for Life events I am volunteering at this year, but last weekend’s Windsor Race for … Continue reading

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Writing blogposts and taking pictures

At the beginning of the year I had this idea of writing a blogpost every day this year. I didn’t mention this publicly or make a big deal out of it as I was doing it to see if I … Continue reading

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A year of @SatScenes

I’ve written about @satscenes before [though the post is hardly worth clicking through to!] and I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to submit a satscene for every Saturday this year with one hitch once where @akaSylvia graciously allowed me to … Continue reading

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Photo library

Sorting out all the photos I have taken has been an ongoing project of mine for close to two years and I’ve blogged about it several times before. And, as of a few days ago, I’ve actually finished it! All … Continue reading

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About @SatScenes and why haven’t you taken part yet?

I have been taking part and tweeted about SatScenes since 2008 which is why I was surprised when @spritesbites told me she never really knew what it was about. SatScenes is a collection of photographs taken by people on Twitter … Continue reading

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Project365 week 1 – “Snowmageddon* is upon us and I can’t leave the house”

It’s the first week of 2010 and it’s been snowing for most of the time which has left me unable to leave the house due to living on slopey road and appreciating both my life and intact bones! The images … Continue reading

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