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CAE failure

I had this random dream the other day that I had attempted to take the CAE exams, but failed so spectacularly that I was laughed out of the exam room and, following the realisation I couldn’t speak English as well as I thought I could, ended up becoming a recluse with a bizarre Polish accent. […]

School fingerprints kids and what’s grown up gaming like?

The Deanes School in Essex has now started fingerprinting it’s pupils in order to check what they’re allowed to buy for lunch: Parents pay in advance, often over the internet, at the Deanes School in Benfleet to avoid issues linked with children having cash. The schools said the system also helped it promote healthy eating. […]

Has blogging changed me?

This is my post for the community blogging project which is still open til Sunday. Anyone wishing to enter [please do, the more, the merrier], please head over to this post. This question has intrigued me ever since I saw it on Carol’s blog last year and rather than answer it then when I barely […]


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