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Blog Banter: This is gaming!

Yep, it’s that time of the month again, it’s Blog Banter time! Does anyone else think we need a Blog Banter jingle?! Blog Banter is a group of bloggers passionate about anything and everything video games. We enjoy getting together once a month to write about the same subject. You will be amazed at the […]

SHReK the THiRD achievement points for the game

As I have mentioned in several posts before, I am quite looking forward to the new Shrek film and game. Been playing the demo a few more times since my last posts and I will definitely buy it. The achievement points for it have been released today and they are looking fairly basic: 1. Spoon […]

SHReK the THiRD demo and film trailer

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, there is a new Shrek film coming out, Shrek 3 or rather, SHRek the THiRD. To maximise the merchandise income there is also a multiplatform game based on the film coming out. Yeah, I should probably stop there. I mean, never mind just how good the first two […]

Shrek 3?

So, I was just downstairs in the kitchen and noticed the Rice Crispies cereals box [my housemates, I don’t like them]. There was an advert for Shrek the Third on there. I wasn’t aware that they are making another Shrek film. The geek in me then went on the internet and it is true, they […]


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