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I have fallen in love

This image is taken from RachelCreative and there are many more quality images from a very talented person. I just love that picture, it’s a lovely building, the colours are great and it just has so much about it. I … Continue reading

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I really can’t stand Internet Explorer, so I’m all for Firefox. It’s got the extension, add ons and themes that I want and is just perfect for me. There is an extensive campaign out on the internet of Firefox friends … Continue reading

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The impossible battle against cancer

This is one of the most depressing things I have seen in a long time. It is a series of pictures by photographer Renée C. Byer that won this years Pulitzer Prize. If you are unfamiliar with the Pulitzer Prize, … Continue reading

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MyBlogLog = MySpace?

I’ve recently joined MyBlogLog as you can see by widget in the sidebar. The idea behind it is to give bloggers a place to, well, a community. Bloggers can list all their blogs, upload pictures, join blog communities to show … Continue reading

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A post made by drmike in the support forums made me realise that I haven’t logged into my Nationstates account in a very long time. Turns out that my account was disabled, but with a little help from Timethief … Continue reading

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Think before you post

Hat tip to zufallsfaktor. I have to say that this was kind of a reminder to myself as well. It just seems that the internet is getting smaller and smaller as well and I’ve got more and more profiles and … Continue reading

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Internet forums Part 2.

In an earlier post I made I stated several things that annoyed me about people on internet forums. Becky commented and gave me a link to this and I thought it was so brilliant that I’d share it again: How … Continue reading

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