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“Does Harry Potter die in the Order of the the Phoenix?”

I find it very interesting what people are searching for to reach this blog and I reall have had the most random stuff. Lately most of my traffic seems to be coming from people searching for David and Victoria Beckham and the term Size Zero which is obviously related to my Size Zero post. What […]

Size Zero?

I came across this blogpost by fracas today which is about the true faces of anorexia. It reminded me about my ‘Real Life?’ post and the size zero argument that followed. Size zero is becoming more and more normal here in the UK, I’ve seen several shops now selling them and I’ve seen many girls […]

Real Life?

Does anyone remember the Dove advert in which the ‘normal’ woman gets transformed into a model? That shows a lot on how our perception of beauty is distorted and how we are willing to strive to be something that is not possible and was (partially) created in photoshop. This is the video: I’ve found a […]


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