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Some spam mail

In the past months I’ve noticed Gmail’s spam folder containing several real emails so I’ve made it a habit to check it every other day. At the moment I get about ~200 spam mails a day across twelve different accounts and some are just hilarious. Curiously there is quite a lot of them that don’t […]

Princess makes us a tempting offer!

Vishenka and Veronika were already interested and now Princess comes along, too! Dear friend, It can be so that you do not know me but i will introduce myself. I am … I think … i will keep my name in secret. Let it be Princess. I am a small Princess. I am from Russia. […]

Another tempting offer..

So where is this ominous Internet Dating Agency that keeps sharing my email address with desperate Russian women? And I thought Hola was Spanish, what is hello in Russian? Hola my friend!!! This message sent to you from Russian Internet dating agency ^^Land of Love^^. This is not spam or other bad things. So, please, […]

A tempting offer..

Sometimes spam mail doesn’t get filtered properly and ends up in my inbox. Sometimes the emails are hilarious: Greetings from Russian Federation. I am a girl of 28 years. My name is Natalia. My hometown is Vishenka. Its 30 km from St. Pitersburg I would like to find a freind from the USA. I got […]


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