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Terrified by my own Sky+ box

I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks with work or spending weekends away at friend’s or going to weddings. In the meantime all the recorded series’ links have continued recording and I only have 13% left of what I believe is a 1TB hard drive. Most of them also have more than one episode […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I got very excited a couple of weeks ago when I received an email to the weekend beta testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic as it has been a game I’ve waited for a long time. I had never played an MMO before with the exception of free trials for WoW, Eve Online, Star […]

“Never give up. Never surrender!”

Due to housemate having some days off and some random shifts in general we’ve been watching a lot of films in the past week; more than I normally watch in months! We’ve watched: Iron Man: I tried to watch this a while back and ended up turning it off after about ten minutes. Sadly, it […]

#TwitLight: Who are you, @chrisbrownsell?

TwitLight is a Twitter Spotlight posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Also have a look at all the previous TwitLights and you are more than welcome to take part, too! Welcome to the TGI Friday edition of #TwitLight and it’s participant @chrisbrownsell! I first came across @chrisbrownsell a couple of months ago when I was […]

Building the Millennium Falcon and showing the true hero of Star Wars!

There have been many Star Wars tribute videos out there and this is undoubly one of the better ones. I’m amazed at the effort that’s gone into this! via FallingBullets. Things that came to mind when I watched it: It’s completely inaccurate in the Star Wars universe! Greedo shot first! Why is Jean Luc Picard […]

TV shows watched recently

I’ve been watching some more TV shows lately and there was some great stuff amongst it, as well as some stuff that disappointed me. I’ve mentioned some of the shows the other week in a similar post. Angel: Being such a big Buffy fan I never really could get into Angel. I suppose it was […]

TV I watched last week

This is a collection of posts I made over on my tumblr blog regarding TV I watched last week. This may or may not turn into a regular thing, who knows?! Tuesday: One Tree Hill S06E02 – Good episode, slightly unrealistic though on how Peyton just believed Brooke wasn’t beaten up or anything Dan related. […]

TV shows I’ve watched recently

This started from a thread on a forum and got a bit long, so I thought I’d stick it on here as well! TV shows I have been watching in the last year: 24 – Watched S! and S2 so far. S1 annoyed me lots, like characters get introduced and are only in it for […]

Quotes, one liners, phrases and what I say a lot.

Doing my usual blogsurfing today, I came across this post listing the Top 10 Action Hero one liners. Now, I disagree to an extent and I haven’t even heard some of the one liners mentioned which is most likely related to the fact that I hadn’t heard of some films. One thing that surprised me […]

Star Trek – Deep Space Nine

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I am quite a bit of a Star Trek fan. I used to watch it occasionally when I was younger, but in the last year I’ve pretty much seen every episode of Voyager, Deep Space 9 and the Next Generation. They are all pretty good and […]


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