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Terrified by my own Sky+ box

I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks with work or spending weekends away at friend’s or going to weddings. In the meantime all the recorded series’ links have continued recording and I only have 13% left of what I believe is a 1TB hard drive. Most of them also have more than one episode […]

In 2009

#In2009 is a hashtag that’s been popular on Twitter the past few days and it’s been interesting to see what other people have done in 2009. I posted a tweet as well, but feel like I want to elaborate a bit more. My tweet: #In2009 I moved back to Reading #rdg and realised a lot […]

Phrases most commonly used on ‘The Apprentice UK’

“At the end of the day.” This phrase is used at least ten times each episode by various candidates. This number increases as the series goes along. It normally means that the candidate is about to repeat what they have already said plenty of times during the episode to make themselves look good in front […]


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