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Twitter archive

Twitter have released a new feature allowing everyone [gradual rollout] to download their entire Twitter archive. I’m not going to lie – I am incredibly excited about it and have literally been waiting for years for this, especially as most third-party services were only able to pull a few thousand tweets which, for someone with […]

Why I am opposing the Concessionary Fares Scheme Review in Reading [#rdg]

I use public transport a lot. I commute to and from work, I use it to reach recreational activities and it allows me to reach friends to socialise. In Reading I pay £1.80 for a single bus journey or double that if a journey involves more than one bus. For the past years I have […]

Job searching with social media – Day 1

For the past few months I have been looking for a new job, as well as working on updating my CV and all the other things that come with it. Up until yesterday I was unable to utilise social media in my job search, as I was on a contract pending renewal and I didn’t […]

Should the date of birth be on a CV/resume?

It’s about time to update my CV again and earlier today we had a discussion in the house whether a CV should contain the date of birth. I have always had it on there and I had never considered taking it off. Unable to find a middle ground earlier I decided to pose the question […]

Getting over my inner swinedog

One of the things I’ve touched on in a recent post is that I am trying my hardest to become more grounded and it involves getting back into a routine with life. This isn’t just having that cup of tea in the morning or getting up at the same time each day, but mainly it’s […]

#TwitLight: Who are you, @fbstj?

TwitLight is a Twitter Spotlight posted at random when I have time and submissions. Take a look at all the previous TwitLights and you are more than welcome to take part, too! @fbstj and me go way back. I mean in internet times I think it’s about four lifetimes at least! I first met him […]

#TwitLight: Who are you, @sahfenn?

TwitLight is a Twitter Spotlight posted at random when I have time and submissions. Take a look at all the previous TwitLights and you are more than welcome to take part, too! #TwitLight has finally returned after an absence of over two years and what a better way to come back with @sahfenn! I first […]

1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

Earlier today I tweeted: I just sent an email. Guess which of these will happen: Sacked Negative reply Positive reply Noncommital reply No reply I got several replies: HeartbreakRidge: could be a combination of the above. # XaosWolf: I go for 6: Spambot replies. # muddy_b: 5 # cyclerunner: guess depends on contents of email […]

The rise and fall of a superhero on Twitter [@DMLFury]

Twitter is great for many reasons, but reading Drew’s Nightshift adventures wasn’t something I’d seen before. And it was kinda awesome. Oh and shameless plug, he was also the first #TwitLight participant two years ago! You can read about that here – Who are you, @FrustratedFury? Though he’s since changed his name.. Did you know […]

#TwitLight is coming back

I’ve recently mentioned Twitter in a few posts: This is what Twitter does for me Have I unfollowed you on Twitter? Here is why. 50000 tweets later.. and I’m still here! #TwitLight ran from April to August 2009 with 29 participants and I loved it, but it ended up becoming too much work even with […]

50000 tweets later.. and I’m still here!

This morning I hit 50000 tweets which is incredibly scary. In fact I reached the number with a tweet to this post which is quite strange really! I joined Twitter just under four years ago and never expected to use it much. I mean it seemed like a good idea, but I didn’t really see […]

Online identity

It somehow came up in a conversation tonight on how long I’ve been on some sites and realisation kind of hit. will be five years old in September with currently about 560 posts and at least one post a month in that time. cat on tumblr will be three years old in April with […]

Have I unfollowed you on Twitter? Here is why.

Tonight I unfollowed 116 people on Twitter. It’s the biggest cutdown of people that I’m following on Twitter in over two years and I’ve unfollowed some people I’ve been following almost as long as I have been using it. Here is why. Over the past almost four years my usage of Twitter has changed from […]

This is what Twitter does for me

‘Why do you use Twitter’ is a question I am often asked by friends that either don’t use the service or have signed up, but not seen the point themselves. And I end up explaining the same things all over; I get to meet some great people, realise connections and, most importantly, I can stay […]

Photo library

Sorting out all the photos I have taken has been an ongoing project of mine for close to two years and I’ve blogged about it several times before. And, as of a few days ago, I’ve actually finished it! All of my photos are stored on my laptop in Dropbox folders which is one overall […]


This week I spent a couple of days in Sheffield which was more of a neccessity rather than a trip for the sake of going on a trip. Still, no one can say I didn’t do a bit of sightseeing whilst there!

And the return

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I was on a brief trip back home. And brief it was indeed as I spent less than 27 hours off the coach in Germany, yet still managed to get a lot done. For some reason none of my tweets through Friday got posted and they’re taken from […]

A trip back home

It has been a while since I’ve taking a trip, any kind of trip and I’m not counting the three trips I had to make to London to sort out my passport! People of Twitter & #rdg: When do I need to leave Reading to be at London Victoria via public transport at 7pm tonight? […]


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