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  • First name: Cat
  • Raveler since: January 4, 2009
  • Location: near London, United Kingdom
  • Years knitting: A couple of years and a brief stint when I was eight!
  • Years crocheting: Tried it once, didn’t like it.
  • Pets? Kids?: A cat, he’s miserable!
  • Favorite colours: Purple, Red


My knitting varies, sometimes I knit an entire weekend and at other times I don’t touch it for weeks. I knit to have something to do for my hands when talking on the phone or in a cafe with friends or when watching TV so following a pattern isn’t really what I do.

I also find reading patterns diffictult as I learned my knitting from family when I was younger and the instructions confuse me seeing I don’t know what any of the stitches are called in either German or English.

Most difficult project attempted so far was a pair of wristers, everything else has been scarfs or things like it.

I have a very big project coming up where I’m planning to knit a blanket.


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Some more of my knitting pictures.


Some random knitting photos of my projects, wool shops and my wool stash!

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