A baby was born

It’s pretty much a non-event really though seeing social media explode from comments of a fake Professor Snape account commenting on it being a half-blood prince or a fake Prince Charles account making puns like ‘heir it comes’ alongside pictures of the baby presentation from The Lion King and Michael Jackson’s infamous window scene has been phenomenal!

I did write something on a blog I contribute to about how to childproof your garden if you’re not part of the royal family. It’s nowhere near as good as the above tweets though!

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Google Reader replacement

As always I am leaving things to the last minute. I have less than two weeks left to find a Google Reader replacement, despite knowing I would have only until July. I suppose a large part of me was hoping that Google would reverse their decision, but it’s not looking likely.

I think the difficulty is that the way I read feeds is a bit different to most – I read on three different devices which is the mobile web on my phone, the app on my Nexus10 and within the browser which can be Chrome or something else. My phone, due to an issue, can’t be upgraded beyond 2.1 so most Droid apps aren’t available. Plus most apps wouldn’t let me have the small font I like and it’s mostly taken up by white space or other fancy stuff. I would say I use each of the three methods equally.

Additionally I don’t care about trends in feeds. I have my subscriptions because I like to read them or at least want to know if there’s new content and couldn’t care less if a hundred people or people in my circles have recommended something. That’s what Twitter and Facebook are for. I also have my now 321 subscriptions in folders and have over 2000 unread feeds per day which sort of get read in an order with some folders generally marked as read or just glanced at.

All of the above makes finding a replacement more difficult thank it should be. The Feedly app comes highly recommended, but doesn’t have a mobile site and doesn’t work on my phone. The Old Reader is slow. Nevibes is confusing.

I hate change.

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What would you do if you had a pet and it suddenly spoke to you?

This question came up in a conversation with a friend last night and, out of curiosity, I posted it both on Twitter & Facebook to see what replies others would give.

For what it’s worth – my immediate reply was: ‘I’d stop drinking’ as I took another sip from the wine glass in my hand.

These are the responses I got:

  • I’d make sure the cats understood the need to check left and right before crossing the street!
  • I’d stop drinking.
  • Change the shit your smoking.
  • Sell tickets.
  • Go for a brain scan.
  • Reply, of course.
  • Get an agent.
  • Depends what it said.
  • I always wonder what if the Hindus are right about reincarnation and my dog is a 60 year old guy watching me shower.
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Best idea ever (maybe)

What I want is an electronic photo frame with silly/funny pictures off the internet plus plenty of cute cat pictures to put on my desk at work to get me through and entertain me on days like today.

Not that I’d need an excuse really, I love the idea regardless!

(FYI, my birthday is May 15th and it’s now on my Amazon wishlist!)

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After looking at your profile picture I had no other choice but to send a compliment. You are such a pretty woman..i liked your profile so much and i am interested in knowing you better..

Looked at my ‘other’ messages on Facebook for the first time in, well, probably ever and found the above message from a man living in the US. His profile is pretty much locked down so I don’t know if we have any mutual friends, but likewise my profile is pretty much locked down.

I’m currently watching the Catfish TV show so this feels very apt.

I also didn’t reply..

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Google Reader

Google Reader is shutting down. It has been my daily routine since 2008 and I am genuinely sad about losing it. There are a bunch of petitions around, but why would Google bother to listen.

In the meantime I’ve been recommended these links and will need to check them out soon:

Hopefully I’ll be able to find a home for my 316 subscriptions.

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Gmail stats

I was looking round the Google dashboard for the settings of a service when I stumbled across these stats:

  • Inbox: 3936 conversations
  • All mail: 58113 conversations
  • Sent mail: 5290 conversations
  • Saved drafts: 185 conversations
  • Chat history: 4740 conversations
  • Spam: 234 conversations

I have had my gmail account since 2005. I receive around 100-150 spam emails a day. My saved drafts is sort of my ‘to read or action later’ folder only I don’t really follow that up much and it’s gotten a bit out of hand. I’m pretty sure there are some actually important and time-specific things in there.

I guess I chat a lot, too.

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